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Families love deep sea fishing in Orange Beach

We are the first charter’s in Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores, Alabama to raise the bar and offer an educational and conservation aspect to every deep sea fishing trip.   All of our deep sea fishing charters are custom tailored and exclusively private.  That means only you and your group will be on the boat during your trip.  You may bring up to 6 people maximum on the Distraction Charter boat and up to 10 or more passengers on the Intimidator Boat for one fair price.  What our company offers is so unique, you cannot find it anywhere else in Alabama.   Our mission is to try and expose you to a different way of looking at deep sea fishing in a way that leave you wanting more.  Instead of trying to be like everyone else, we get you to help create a perfect charter fishing trip that is right for you.  Our captain and crews are extremely laid back and offer a stress free experience that will change the way you think and feel about charter fishing forever.  When it comes to fishing, we offer you a choice of catch and release or depending on the season, we can target fish that you can keep for dinner.  It is your choice and we know you will love fishing with us.

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Taking Kids Deep Sea Fishing

Trolling fishing is a blast for everyone.

When Alabama deep sea fishing with us, we take you offshore to target larger fish that we feel will give you a good fight while using our exclusive light tackle gear or our conventional tackle.  Using lighter gear is especially fun for those who Bass fish a lot and love the feel of fighting a big fish.  In order to better serve you, we are constantly buying new, replacing old and maintaining our tackle to the highest of standards.  Don’t worry about a thing with us.  You will not be alone at any time. Your mate will always be within arms reach if you need assistance or instruction.  Before we start bottom fishing, we will educate you how to use the tackle, how to get the bite and coach you when you get a fish on the line.   We get as excited as you do when a fish is hooked and you are fighting them.  After you conquer a few fish, you will only need us to help you get the fish off your hook.  We will gently pull the fish out of the water or use a net so you can get a closer look at or get a picture of the fish you just landed.  If the fish is in season or of legal size, you are welcome to keep him.  If you want to let him go and try for a larger fish, that is OK too!

Seeing Things Differently – Choose a different kind of Charter Fishing company

family deep sea fishing in orange beach

Finally,  Deep Sea fishing charter’s that offers more in Orange Beach.

As mentioned above, we are family fishing specialists that offer an educational aspect on all of our charter trips.  When we talk about education, we are not talking about listening to a lecture.  That would be boring.  Instead, we look for the little things that you might not see or pay attention to and point them out and explain what you are looking at.

We have a passion for serving others and trying to make a difference in this world.  Our calling just happens to be teaching others and sharing a love of fishing in a way that ensures future generations can enjoy what we have today.   We are just like you.  We have strong family values and believe that we should all live life to its fullest, while respecting others and our environment.  Being a conservative people,  we believe it is important to have a conservation ethic or demonstrate restraint when it comes to taking more than I need.  For that reason, we became the first deep sea fishing guides to promote “keep the best and release the rest.” We felt it was important to do our part so the fish can have a chance to grow up and our kids will have fish to catch.  To me, it is important to be able to offer other families to be able to experience a world class trip as you will.

The things Our Charter Boats do for you and your family while fishing

Your children and family members are encouraged to be involved in everything we do.  We love it when kids and parents to come upstairs where we drive the boat and help us get the engines started and ultimately, get underway.  During the trip, we will let you try driving the boat and we will explain how and why we do the things we do.  We also encourage you to ask a million questions if you like.  We are educators and love it when we can share our knowledge of deep sea fishing with you.  Our goal is to teach you about our marine environment and ecosystem as well as tell you about the fish you will be catching.  We see things differently than others, but so do our customers.


taking kids deep sea fishing is fun in orange beach

A different kind of fishing charter on Alabama’s Gulf Coast

We are not like other charters in Orange Beach, Alabama.   Our first priority is to provide value added services like being gentle with families, catching quality size fish while being professional at all times.  What we actually do is to provide solutions and offer featured trips instead of offering a huge menu and hope you will find just one thing you like.  We had rather offer a few things that are so unique, they leave you wanting more.  Ever wonder why Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is sold in small quantities instead of by the gallon?  Well, the flavor and quality is so intensely good, it would not be the same on your pallet if consumed anyway else.  That is why we built our company around quality instead of quantity.  We don’t offer every kind of trip in hopes you will choose one of them.

We are the first charter boat company not to charge deposits on our 6 hour or less trips.    We also do not fish in rough or unsafe seas.  Why?  It’s because we don’t feel like you will have a good time.  We don’t like rough seas ourselves.  With us, if it is too rough to go, we don’t go and you are not charged a thing.  For those reasons, we do reservations like a hotel does.  A card number on file will hold your spot.  Now how easy is that?  We do have a 7 day cancellation policy.    We owe it to you to do the best job we can.  That is why we specialize in and only offer 4 hour near shore trips and 6 hour deep sea fishing charters.  We do run two trips a day during the spring and summer months, but on days we don’t have a second trip, as long as you’re having fun, we don’t mind extending your trip at a nominal hourly rate.