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Family deep sea fishing in orange beach

Family deep sea fishing charters are great fun!

When it comes to taking your family fishing, it is very important to choose a charter boat that specializes in it.  Over the years, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have been known for being family friendly and families come from all over the country to visit our pristine white beaches and take advantage of our mild climate and excellent fishing opportunities.   The best thing about our area is there are a few boats that cater to families with children and kids as young as 4 years of age all the way up to college age kids.  If you are looking for an opportunity to take your family out for a few hours or one of our half day bottom fishing we’ve got you covered.

What is family fishing?

Family fishing is exactly what it sounds like.  These trips are made up of first timers,  parents,  grandparents, children and any combination thereof.   These types of trips are always laid back and stress free.  They offer anglers a chance to share something together and create lasting memories that will be talked about for generations to come.   Family fishing is when you charter a boat that takes you out into the Gulf of Mexico in order to catch saltwater species of fish that live there.  The waters near the shore line are generally shallow.  That means they are anywhere from 20 to 40 feet in depth.   This depth close to shore offers families an opportunity to fish for popular and seasonal species of fish like King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Bonito, Jack Crevalle, Cobia and Bull Redfish.


Family Fishing in Gulf Shores is the best way to enjoy your vacation.

When is family fishing best?

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores have a year round deep sea fishing season.  Our family fishing trips begin during the spring of each year or about the first week in March and continue through the end of April.    This is also called spring break and this is a busy time for everyone down here.  By the time the spring break gets here, families are tired of being cold and are ready to escape to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for some warmer temperatures and some excellent fishing opportunities.

Usually in March, we are in the 40 degree temperatures at night but warm up to the mid 60′s or low 70′s by afternoon.  In early spring, the annual migration of Spanish Mackerel begins and these fish can be caught right off the beach on a near shore charter.  These trips are either 3 or 4 hours in nature and are ideal for those families who would like to stay in sight of land.  The Spanish Mackerel trips offers families a chance to catch some pretty tasty fish, right off the beach and the trips are usually very productive.  If you want a little more action where everyone holds a pole and fishes at the same time, you need to book a longer trip where you can do what is called bottom fishing.   Bottom fishing is also called deep sea fishing.  During the spring, we run a lot of 6 hour trips and our guests get a chance to catch and release some big fish like Red Snapper or catch and keep a species called Triggerfish.

In the middle of May, we enter our summer fishing season.  This is our summer season and it runs through the end of August each year.  That is the time when everyone goes back to school.  The most popular family fishing trip is the 6 hour bottom fishing charter.  This charter takes you offshore just out of sight of land and you can catch species like Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Bonita, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel.

From September to the end of November each year, there are plenty of opportunities for a family without kids to come and get away for the weekend.  This time of the year is ideal because the crowds are less and the seas are usually pretty calm.  The deep sea fishing trips offshore are really good and so are the near shore trolling trips.   In an overlapping way, the Bull Redfish usually show up in about mid October and will school around until the first half of March.  These fish offer a great light tackle fight for families.

If you would like to experience family deep sea fishing, visit our fishing rates or our reservations page and select the charter you desire.   You may also call us at 251.978.7335