Deep Sea Fishing Prices and Rates

Booking a fishing charter in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores for your family does not have to be complicated.  With Orange Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charters, you pay the price you see below. That price is for the whole boat for up to six people. Our multi-passenger boat’s price is for 10 people.    The only thing that cost extra is the tip for the deckhand, which runs 20%. Remember, we don’t take deposits or run your credit card or put a hold on your card. That means you get to hang on to your money until the day of the trip. We take Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Prices are for private charters only. You may have up to 6 people maximum in your group on Distraction and 10 people on Intimidator.

  • Detail
  • Charter Boat Name
  • Private Trips Only
  • Walk on or Shared Expense Trips

4 Hour / 6 Passenger


4 Hour / 10 Passenger


6 Hour / 6 Passenger


6 Hour / 10 Passenger


Remember, All of this is included in the price of the your fishing charter!

  • All the bait is already on board for your 4 and 6 hour trips.
  • Get to use New and or Well Maintained Light Tackle Fishing Gear.
  • Complimentary Fish Cleaning and bagging on 4 and 6 hour trips.
  • Complimentary Video and Professional Photographs of your entire fishing trip (Distraction boat only).
  • A safe, clean, reliable Orange Beach charter boat (there is nothing better than a nice charter boat)
  • Air Conditioned cabin (so you can get out of the heat and direct sunlight)
  • Private Indoor toilet or commode in an air conditioned room.
  • A professional young deckhand who is gentle with your kids and family (Really knows how to demonstrate and educate people who have never been deep sea fishing before)