Why Us?

Why Fish With Orange Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charters?

Because we have experience – Distraction Charters has taken more than 2,000 fishing trips and over 18,000 people like you deep sea fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast in the past 11 years, Distraction and Captain Troy’s crew are able to bring our vast knowledge and personal expertise to you and your family.  Intimidator Charters and Captain Johnny Greene has taken over 4,000 fishing trips and over 30,000 people offshore and has provided safe and action filled trips.

Because your crew has passion – We are extremely passionate about every deep sea fishing charter we take.  We are from Alabama and it has been our home for our entire life.  We know where to find the best fishing spots and know to get those big fish to bite.  We love what we do and are inspired by the breathtaking views and are moved by the amazing marine life we see each day.

Because we offer something uniquely different – When it comes to fishing, anyone can take you to do that, but there is nobody who will offer you more opportunities to learn, explore and experience fishing in a “G” rated and professional environments.   It is your choice to get involved at any level.  We provide a platform so you can discover, learn, explore and enjoy a truly unique fishing experience. What we offer is a chance to do something that you can’t find on any other charter around.  You are involved in every aspect of the trip.  From starting the engines, driving the boat, tying hooks to letting out lines, you are in the hands of a seasoned crew who doesn’t get stressed out about anything.  .

Because we care if you have a good time – To me, there is nothing we dislike more in life than to research, purchase and find out that what I was expecting is totally different than what was delivered.  We have experienced tours like that before and we were highly disappointed.  Because of our own past experiences, we promise to work harder for you in hopes of showing you a good time.  We have a vested interest in making sure each deep sea fishing trip is filled with action, good service and you get the best return on your investment.